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Clarification tender ESTAT/E/2015/013
Dear Madam/Sir, in the Section 2, task 2.4, step 2 (page 15), it says "The contractor creates three complete draft articles, if possible as diverse as possible in terms of content and source (such as one article with rich text or further information and one with rich data content) according to the rules in the Statistics Explained tutorials." Can you clarify in greater detail what is intended by these three different types of articles in terms of content and source. Could you also point us to the exact page in the tutorials where this point is explained? Thank you.
The "Statistics Explained" articles based on the monitoring report should provide an extract of the most relevant information contained in the PDF version. It is expected to publish one article per chapter of the report. After the PDF version is ready, Eurostat will specify which elements of the chapters should be introduced in Statistics Explained. As the chapters might be complex it is foreseen to focus only on most important aspects. To find a common agreement the contractor would be asked to create three articles differing to the extent depending on the part of the chapter that would be highlighted. They can have either narrative character or they can focus exclusively on rich data content. Then the decision will be taken which structure should be followed in the final version of the Statistics Explained articles for each chapter. Please note that this specific point describes the step in the drafting process and is not explained in the tutorials. In the description we refer however to general rules for publications which should be followed in the preparation of these drafts.