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Study on quality standards for the treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic ...
European Commission, DG for Environment (ENV)
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Eligibilty Criteria
In section 1.1 of the tender it's written that "It is also open to all natural and legal persons established in a third country which has a special agreement with the Union in the field of public procurement on the conditions laid down in that agreement. Where the plurilateral Agreement on Government Procurement1 concluded within the World Trade Organisation applies, the participation to this procedure is also open to all natural and legal persons established in the countries that have ratified this Agreement, on the conditions it lays down". Is participation of swiss legal entities allowed? In the WTO agreement Switzerland is listed under the "GPA 1994" column, but still "pending" for the revised GPA.
The first paragraph of the tender specifications (1.1) deals with participation. In the footnote on the first page there is a link to the WTO website giving details of who is eligible to submit. You will see from this website that Switzerland are Party to the GPA since 1996 and therefore Swiss entities are eligible to submit an offer as main tenderer, part of a joint offer or as a subcontractor.