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Service Contract for the Provision of ‘European Terrain Database’
European Defence Agency (EDA)
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Scope for the CFT
As per our understanding, the scope for the CFT primarily focusses around building a systems which catalogues or indexes the below - Development and setting requirements of camouflage materials; - Assess camouflage effectiveness of vehicles and soldiers; - Assess effectiveness of sensors in different terrains; - Generate synthetic images and perform synthetic platform tests on background; Call for tenders 20.ISE.OP.090 Page 6 of 40 - Automatic Target Recognition development; - Detection, Recognition, Identification and Tracking algorithms performance analysis - Provide input to modelling and simulation; - Mission planning; - Development of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. The application post the cataloguing, should be easily accessible.
No, the requested database is not intended to catalogue nor index the applications listed in your question. The aim of the database is to catalogue and index terrain images shared by the users (governmental and industrial users from EU Member States). That collection of images will be useful for several military applications. Those you listed were provided in the Tender Specifications as just examples of such military applications.