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An evaluation study of national procedural laws and practices in terms of their ...
European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST)
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"Conduct a survey"
On page 23 of the tender specifications, it says under ‘Conduct a survey’: ‘The contractor will conduct a questionnaire survey throughout the EU covering all 28 Member States.’ In the next paragraph, it says: ‘in order to guarantee that the survey is representative, at least 10 interviews in person or by telephone should be conducted in each Member State for each of the two parts of the study which must sufficiently cover each individual aspect addressed by the questionnaire.’ Yet in the next paragraph, it says: ‘Already in the tender, the contractor should submit a list of the Member States and preliminary list of entities to be interviewed with an appropriate justification. The final choice of Member States and entities will be discussed with the Commission.’ At first, the tender mentions all Member States, and then it speaks of a choice of Member States. Since this is important for the number of interviews, could you please confirm whether the interviews (at least 10 of them) must cover all Member States, or whether a choice of only some Member States to be covered will be made?
We confirm that at least 10 interviews in person or by telephone should be conducted in each Member State and that all 28 Member States need to be covered. The tenderer should provide in their bid a comprehensive list of entities by MS that they propose to interview. The final selection of 10 entities per Member State to be consulted shall be finalised at the kick off meeting.