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Patent annuities and trade mark renewal services.
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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Patent annuities and trade mark renewal services 2016/S 145-261246
When preparing annexes 3 and 4, we have to include the price in € for every trademark renewal. But these price depends on how many (Niza) classes for every trademark. How do we have to put a price if we do not know how many classes for a trademark? Do we have to fix a price without knowing the class number? Or has it to be a sole price, no matter if the trademark has just one class or several classes? Also the price may change if the trademark renewal is denominative or mixed. How can we consider this situation in the provided form? Thank you for your help.
Please be reminded that the quoted prices in annexes 3 and 4 concern the fee the tenderer will charge during the execution of the contract. Those prices must include the costs of the local representative, overhead, internal financial administration and internal administrative support, but should not include the official fees. Therefore the prices in relation to the Nice classification are not involved when filing annexes 3 and 4.