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Security and safety services Luxembourg.
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Question about Security & Safety services in Luxembourg
In the contract notice services - II.2.6. Estimated Value The tender doesn't specify the estimated total contract value. Could you please provide us with this information ?
An estimation has been given for lots 2 and 3 in the document Volume 1 "CFT_1390_Instructions to tenderers" : "Interested Service Providers should note that the Framework Agreements value for lots 2 and 3 are estimated to be EUR 750,000 per annum for each lot (or EUR 3,750,000 for the whole duration of the Framework Agreement for each lot). It should be noted that this figure is only an estimation and could fluctuate up or down, depending on budgets and project demands." Concerning lot 1, in addition to the tender documents (where the scope of the required services is described in details), to the site visit and to the data room, the estimated value for Lot 1 for the whole duration of the Contract is EUR 80,000,000 excluded VAT. This figure is only an estimation and is not subject to any commitment.