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PIC Code necessary?
Can organisations that do not have a PIC Code participate as a tenderer or sub contractor? If so, how is this done in the submission platform?
Please refer to Point 1 of the Invitation to tender, which reads: "in order to submit a tender using e-Submission, TENDERERS (each member of the group in the case of a joint tender) WILL NEED TO REGISTER in the European Commission's Participant Register - an online register of organisations participating in EU calls for tenders or proposals. On registering each organisation obtains a Participant Identification Code (PIC, 9-digit number) which acts as its unique identifier in the above register. Instructions on how to create a PIC can be found in the PIC-management Quick Guide for Economic Operators. Tenderers already registered in the Participant Register shall reuse their existing PICs when preparing tenders in e-Submission." In contrast, SUBCONTRACTORS are not required to register for PIC as they do not submit a tender on their own.