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Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills: Towards an EU strategy addressing ...
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Dear EASME, My industry is preparing an application for the project EASME/COSME/2018/023 – Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills: Towards an EU strategy addressing the skills and recruitment needs of the paper-based value chain (pulp & paper manufacturing and paper-based printing). As the only trade association representing the paper-based printing sector, in our liaisons with the Commission about this project, we have been led to believe that we could submit a project for consideration as a joint tenderer with the paper industry. However, on p. 32 of the Tender Specifications, it is stated that all tenderers must have completed and delivered at least two projects in the last 5 years, one of which must have had a minimum value of €250,000. We have coordinated three projects in 2009, 2011 and 2013 and the amount only exceeded €250,000 for the first project: • VP/2009/010/0172 for EUR 382,947.80 • VP/2011/008/0044 for EUR 236,935.27 • VP/2013/001/0193 for EUR 234,500 Can you please confirm whether or not we would be accepted as a coordinator for this project? Or do we have to search for a partner to fulfill the criteria? In addition, the Grant application form and Estimated budget form are not provided on the e-tendering website. Your website’s FAQs states that “The templates to be used to submit a proposal are listed in the call for proposals section Procedure for the Submission of a Proposal. These are in particular the Grant application form and the Estimated budget form and both templates are annexed to the call for proposals publication package.” As these documents have not been provided, can you please send us these two documents or direct us to where they can be downloaded?
The evidence to the selection criterion A1 states: “The tenderer must provide references of their experience and knowledge in the form of at least two projects completed and delivered in the last five years. Both projects must demonstrate the technical capabilities required. At least one of the two projects must be in a field relevant to the subject matter of the contract and have had a minimum value of EUR 250 000.” The economic operators are free to organise themselves as they wish, either are a single economic operator (a sole tender) or a group of economic operators (a joint tender), with or without a subcontractor. In case of a joint tender the combined capacity of all members of the group and identified sub-contractors must comply with the mentioned criterion. Note that the assessment of the selection criteria is only performed by an appointed evaluation committee during the tender evaluation period. The tender documents are available at the following TED e-Tendering website under Document Library tab (13 documents available, please set Results per page to 25 or 50 to see all documents). Detailed information on the electronic submission can be found in the ‘Invitation to tender’ document. For detailed instructions on how to submit a tender electronically please consult the e-Submission Quick Guide available at