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Please note that a new version Annex I (a) Price list has been uploaded to include two lines for item 24 to allow price offer for A4 size & A5 size).
Communication through objects - Production of promotional items
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Dear Sir/Madam, below some questions related to the samples: 1. Umbrella: what kind of umbrella? walking umbrella? folding umbrella? colorful umbrella? with printing only on one side? 2. foam text: how many decorations per sheet? Sheet size? must be customized or can they be generic? 3. Erasers: Does the rubber have a particular shape? Print on one side only or both? 4. Mugs: should it be in assorted colors? print logo on one side only? 5. decor paper: is it a type of wrapping paper? what size should the sheets have? should it be adhesive? 6. key-rings: should they have a particular shape? print logo only on one side or both? 7. clip board: it's the classic folder with sheet clip holder, right? also in this case must it have a particular color? logo printing on one side only? 8. branded Running T-shirts: do they mean long or short sleeves? man? woman? child? assorted sizes? color? print logo on the source? on the back? logo size? 9. branded Running T-shirts: Do they mean short-sleeved or just a singlet? 10. Customized glass bottles: 1 lt glass bottle? transparent color or colored glass? Thank you very much in advance. Best regards
Annex I (a) price list has been replaced by a new version and include further specifications about promo items.