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System Integrator for Communication and Information Systems Processing EU Classi...
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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EN-Tender Specifications.pdf, page 8 and 9 The EU-S CIS project should include the following features: ... -- HSM ...
In the list for EU-approved cryptographic products no HSM is listed for EU SECRET. Could you please specify which HSM products are allowed to use up to EU SECRET?
EDA is obliged to use equipment and vendors which have been approved and listed by the EU Council because we need to build systems processing EU (not national) classified information. In case a specific product category is not covered by the Council list, we are free to choose other products or vendors and in such a case a NATO or national certification would be considered an asset. Hardware Security Module are products not covered by the Council list and therefore, tenderers are free to choose the model that best fits the needs.