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Multiple Mixed Framework Contract for the Implementation of the Green Advisory S...
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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)
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English (en)
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- division of responsibilities - ownership of the Contractor and the Client/Contracting Authority along the process
First of all, it is described that ECFIN applies the first pre-screening, followed by the Contracting Authority with the first examination of the request. This process will be followed by the Contractor to verify the eligibility of the request, followed by the Contractor to obtain more information if needed. Based on the description, the Contractor has the sole responsibility to verify the eligibility, meanwhile, it is not described who will finally decide on and approve each request with signature, followed by the screening and verification of the eligibility. This information is crucial, since in the annex it is not described who has the final responsibility to approve each and every request, before the Contractor can proceed to drafting the Advisory Assignment fiche and match-making.
In line with Design Task 2 “Clarification and eligibility review of request” the Contracting authority confirms the eligibility of the request. Please note that annex 9 serves as illustration only.