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Applicability of ‘in silico’ tools for the prediction of dermal absorption for p...
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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In vitro dataset contents
We would like additional information on the dataset contents as follows: 1) Does the absorbed dose include data on the rate of absorption, or the time course of the material's appearance in the receptor fluid? 2) Does the dataset contain concentration of the initial applied material as a mass load per area? 3) Is the exposure duration constant across protocols, or recorded for each experiment? 4) Is sufficient data available in the dataset to calculate flux of material (mass per area over time?) 5) Do the included studies follow OECD protocol guidelines for dermal absorption studies?
1) Absorbed dose (% of applied dose) and absorption at half duration of the study in the receptor fluid (T0.5 calculated as %absorption at 12h relative to 24h) are reported in the dataset. 2)Applied concentration (µg/cm2) and tested concentration (g/L or g/kg) are reported in the dataset. 3) Exposure duration of the collected studies is from 6h up to 24h. Most represented studies in the dataset (86%) have an exposure duration of 6h and 8h 4) no. 5) Yes, all studies are OECD TG 428-compliant