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CCUS knowledge sharing European project network
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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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2. Clarification questions regarding the different workpackages
• Regarding point 2 under WP1 – Could you confirm that it is up to the contractor to decide whether coordination meetings are virtual or face-to-face? The ToR is not clear in this respect. • Regarding point 3 under WP 1 – Could you confirm that the website will need to be transferred to a third-party at the end of the project? • Regarding point 1 under WP2 – Could you confirm that the ‘organization chart’ referred to there is from the Secretariat? Or is this organization related to the award criteria ‘Organisation of the work and resources’ (organisational chart of our consortium)? • Regarding point 2 under WP2 – Could you confirm that the contractor is expected not only to establish the Steering Committee but also to support it and follow up during the duration of the contract? • Regarding the website under WP4 – Will the contractor be able to use the existing domain and website of the CCS Demonstration Project network?
On WP1 P.2, it is up to the tenderer to put forward a convincing offer with an appropriate number and format of meetings. The offer should strike a balance between personal-engagement and price-efficiency. On WP 1 P.3, in principle yes, there should be consistency for the website, especially to external stakeholders. On WP2 P.1 the organisation chart should outline the structure of the secretariat. Evaluators may refer to this in relation to the award criteria. On WP2 P.2, yes, the contractor should do this, with the support of the Commission. On the website, similarly to the question before, it would be good in principle. However, the Commission will be understanding of possible technical difficulties that may arise.