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Question on e-submission
The detailed instructions of e-Submission Quick Guide are standard instructions. You haven't provided any specific information about the fields that the tenderers have to upload their documents. Could you please inform us in which fields we have to submit/ upload the following documentation? Letter of submission of tender (Annex 2) Letter of Intent for subcontractors (Annex 5) Power of Attorney
On page 6 of the mentioned e-Submission Quick guide one can reads: “Use the Attachments section to upload any other documents relating to the tenderer's legal &regulatory capacity, economic & financial capacity, technical & professional capacity, or exclusion criteria. Use the category "Other" to upload other documents if they are not related to the technical or financial tender.” You can use the “Other” category to upload documents such as: Letter of submission of tender (Annex 2), Letter of intent for subcontractors (Annex 5), etc.