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Please note that the deadline for submission of tenders has been changed to 01/08/2018 and the deadline for request for clarifications to 24/07/2018
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Defect Points
Regarding Basic Maintenance, we read in Tender Specifications “Low effort defect = 1 (one) defect point” And In Annex G “2 – S (Low Effort) – Low effort and can typically be implemented in less than one hour” Could you please clarify the following? • Could you please confirm that the price per defect point (required in the financial proposal) concerns the Low Effort defect i.e. implementation in less than one hour? Or please clarify? • If you confirm our previous understanding, then the mapping of the Medium/High Effort Defect with the relevant data in annex G is not correct e.g. Medium Effort Defect requires two defect points i.e. less than two hours of implementation while the Medium effort in Annex G is implemented in less than a day. Could you please clarify this situation?
Section “2.9.1 Pricing model” defines the mapping between defect points and effort: “The Fixed-Price for one defect point where: Low effort defect = 1 (one) defect point; Medium effort defect = 2 (two) defect points, and High effort defect = 4 (four) defect points”. Section “2.3.3 Work stream: Basic Maintenance” describes the characteristics of each effort level (low, medium and high). Annex G presents historical data related to corrective maintenance, but it must be noted that the definition of effort presented in this document is different (as-is) to the one defined in the tender specification (to-be). The definitions presented in Annex G are only relevant for the historical data.