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Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills: Towards an EU strategy addressing ...
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Complaint about timing for application
We consider hardly possible to assemble a consortium including legal entities from several countries in just 5 weeks,also taking into account the summer holiday period. All the other recent EASME calls ensure 2 or 3 months to respond to the respective call. This short deadline is quite different in the context of the other public tender procedures and we hope that it is just an admin oversight and not an intended action to exclude bidders from the procedure.
The time limit for receipt of tenders under the Call for tender no EASME/COSME/2018/023 "Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills: Towards an EU strategy addressing the skills and recruitment needs of the paper-based value chain (pulp & paper manufacturing and paper-based printing)" respects the legal time limits for receipt of tenders. Please be informed that the deadline for the subject tender will not be extended. We trust that the time remaining time will be sufficient for the interested tenderers to prepare their tenders.