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Multiple framework contract with reopening of competition for the provision of S...
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Point 7.4 in Annex II states: "The guarantee for the Products acquired via this FWC is for minimum 2 years. The guarantee price shall be included in the purchase price. No maintenance fee shall be included in the Product purchase price." Further on page 30 of the same document there is the statement: "The 2 years guarantee is provided by default at the price of the software product and component provided or developed with no additional cost to Frontex for corrective and adaptive maintenance at the levels offered to wide market by the vendor of the product or component." The question is where to put the maintenance fee for SC and what does the "product" and "purchase price" mean in this context?
As indicated in the citations, the price of 2 years guarantee shall be included in the purchase price. It means that when Frontex orders a product or service under this FWC it gets 2 years long guarantee on the basis of the European law. The maintenance fee shall be indicated separately.