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Technical expertise to support the Commission on issues relating to an antitrust...
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European Commission, DG Competition (COMP)
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Clarification of the sentence: as a member of the Board or as a member of other management bodies of Google, of complainants3
What is considered "other management bodies" is this intended to exclude all former employees of the companies in question or is it intended to exclude executive aka board level representatives?
Pursuant to Article I.14.1 of the draft framework contract and section 3.6 of the tender specifications, a tenderer who in the past three years have been employed by Google or any of the other companies defined in Article I.14.1 a) and footnotes 3, 4, 5 of the draft framework contract, as well as section 3.6, paragraph 2, (a) and footnotes 11, 12 and 13 of the tender specifications, or who have been a member of the Board or a member of any other management bodies (for example: board of Directors, Directors General or other executives) of these same companies would be considered to be in conflict of interest.