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Monitoring Digital Transformation and Key Enabling Technologies
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Work Package 3: Production of analytical reports Task 3.4. Recommendations on promising value chains based on digital and KETs
Page 24 of ToR (Task 3.4) states “As a result of task 3.3, promising KETs based products/applications and their value chains will be identified. For these promising KETs products, the Contractor will describe the programmes and funding schemes available at European level, identify the gaps, and make policy recommendations. Recommendations shall include proposed actions to foster joint actions and investments across regions to make the value chains stronger in Europe. The policy objective is to help EU industry stay ahead of global competition.” Should this task (identification of funding schemes, gaps and recommendations) be conducted for the 12 KETs based products/applications? Or eventually for the top 5?
The actions described under task 3.4. (programmes and funding schemes available at European level, gaps, policy recommendations etc.) shall be conducted for the 12 KETs based products/applications value chains identified under task 3.3. of the same work package.