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Provision of SATCOM services for RPAS
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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Appendix 3 - Template for Finantial Tender. Lot 1 and Lot 2 sheet.
In the "Template for Financial Offer", Lot 1 and Lot 2 sheets, is cell E18 value a ceiling for price per GB (i.e. 200EUR/GB) or for data volume (i.e. 200GB)? Also, the Template for Financial Offer spreadsheet, as provided, is not calculating the cost for capacity (cell L18). Is this a typo or will the capacity cost not be considered for evaluation purposes?
The value of cell E18 is the data volume consumption per month used for the purpose of the calculation of the price scenario (as explained in the Tender Specifications under point 16.4): 200 GB for Lot 1 and 350 GB for Lot 2. There is no typo, nor error. Cell L18 does take into account this fixed data volume for the calculation (N) x (V x P_GB) where: N_average months of module_02 duration per Specific Contract (SC) (K18), for evaluation purposes this value has been set to three months (estimated average duration of the SC) V_estimated data volume consumption per month (D19) (note that this value does not need to be fulfilled by the Bidders, for evaluation purposes EMSA will fulfil this field with the same amount of data volume consumption for all bids (ceiling values in E18 should be taken as reference) P_GB_price per unit rate (€/GB) (C19) to be fulfilled by the Bidder Note that as indicated in cell J24, the price scenarios are calculated for the purpose of the evaluation of the bids only and do not represent a commitment regarding the minimum volume of services to be contracted. Please refer also to the Answers to Questions 32 and 36.