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contingency value
According to the tender specification documents page 34: the budget must present 3% of the maximum amount for each phase. However in the same document page 43: a contingency budget will be calculated for each phase as follow: - The first one (B1) will be equal to 2% of the maximum amount offered for the first phase. And - The second one (B2) will be equal to 2% of the maximum amount offered for the second phase. And in the financial form Annex V, is mentioned to be 3%. Which is the contigency value that should be used for the financial proposal?
As stated on page 34 of the tender specifications, the contingency budget must represent 3 % of the maximum amount for each phase and must be indicated separately in the Financial offer (Annex V) for each phase of implementation of the contract. The information on page 43 indicating 2 % is a clerical error and shall be disregarded.