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Uptake of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by SMEs and Start-ups
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European Innovation Council and Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesExecutive Agen...
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Work package 1 – ToR page 7 – para 1.6 General Guidance on methodology
Can you please clarify whether the consultation tool of the Enterprise Europe Network to be used for the collection of data includes functionality for developing and distributing electronic questionnaires; Will the contractor use this tool to implement the questionnaire for the survey, or implement the questionnaire externally and use the consultation tool only for distribution of links to the questionnaire by e-mail;
The consultation tool of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) includes the development of the questionnaire with ‘EU Survey’ and its distribution among all EEN partners through the EEN intranet. The results of the questionnaire are eventually collected in a unique document by ‘EU Survey’ (outcome available in excel or pdf format). The contractor can choose to either use the consultation tool for both the development of the survey and for its distribution, or to develop the survey externally and distribute it through the consultation tool.