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Framework Contract for Services for the Organisation of Communication and Inform...
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Case study - posłowie
Czy mogę Państwo powiedzieć, jakich posłów mamy brać pod uwagę w przypadku organizacji spotkania? Czy ich listę dostarczą Państwo, czy ich wybór, zaproszenie będzie po stronie agencji?
For the case study, the tenderer is asked to: - outline the approach and methodology they propose in order to achieve the objectives described; - explain the work organisation and the distribution of tasks for each step of activity, including the proposed use of third-party-suppliers; - provide a detailed cost estimate based on the price schedule as completed in Annex I: all cost items that would be involved in actually carrying out such an assignment must be taken into account.For the preparation of this document the tenderer will have to take into account all the tasks described in the theoretical framework explained in the case study. The scenario of the case study includes, among other things, providing an invitation list (up to 200 contacts). This is a purely theoretical exercise so the delivery of a guest list is not required for the case study. Concerning activities to be carried out by the service provider please refer to point 3.2 of the Specifications: "activities to be carried out by the contractor can include: : Assistance and support with public relations activities and media relations & strategy: (...)proposing and engaging target groups, partners, experts, moderators - and coordination of the event". However, all contacts with MEPs including invitations will be managed by EPLO. The service provider will get the list of invited MEPs from EPLO.