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Renewable Cooling under the Revised Renewable Energy Directive
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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Section 4.2.4 Technical and professional capacity - criterion A2
How many languages should tenderer have capacity to work in, to ensure the required language coverage?
The minimum requirement is to have capacity to work in 4 European languages. One of the languages must be English. At least five members of the team should be able to work (speak, write and read fluently) in English (see criterion B2 under 4.2.4.). In addition, the team of the tenderer collectively should have knowledge of 3 other European languages (see criterion B4 under 4.2.4. It should be noted that the ability for the team to collectively cover as many EU Member States as possible would be an important advantage given that the geographical coverage of the study is the entire European Union, i.e. all EU Member States. In particular, the ability to work in the languages of Member States where cooling is of considerable importance due to the size of the demand or for any other reason, will be regarded positively in the evaluation of the tender offers. In this respect, the ability of the tenderer to work in German, French, Italian and Spanish would be an important asset. Capacity to cover additional EU countries in terms of language knowledge, e.g. the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Croatia, or the Nordic countries, such as Sweden or Finland would also be an asset; although is not a requirement.