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Potentials and Levels for the Electrification of Space Heating in Buildings
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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Development of European network model. EC's position.
In order to develop a European network model both transport and distribution network models have to be considered. The transport network model can be obtained through ENTSOE, although we do not know about public sources to obtain the distribution network models. Therefore, we would like to know the degree of detail of the information that could be available to develop the distribution network model or which would be the assumptions that the EC would consider as be valid. A possible idea would be to propose standard networks for each country, by making assumptions about the loads, generators and the complexity of the system. That is why we would like to know the EC's position on the degree of certainty of the data used.
Potential tenderer must develop their own approach as regards the best modelling methods and data sources, including the level of detail needed and the quality of data.