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An amended version of the tender specifications will be published with the following changes: 1.The first paragraph of point 2.1 has been almost completely deleted. The published draft service contract had already been updated in line with the changes to the Financial Regulation; 2.The date of entry into force and the expected date of signature have been changed; 3.Erroneous references to articles of the draft service contract have been corrected at pages 12, 13 and 41.
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Subcontractors VS Freelancers
Dear Sir or Madam, There seems to be a misunderstanding about the status of subcontractors VS freelancers. Section 2.5 of the specifications state that: "Subcontracting is defined as the situation where a contract has been or is to be established between the Commission and a Contractor and where the Contractor, in order to carry out that contract, enters into legal commitments with other legal entities for performing part of the service". Freelancers are NOT legal entities, but natural persons. Therefore, they are not classified as subcontractors, but natural persons working for the tenderer. Translation agencies/companies, on the other hand, are legal persons; and therefore, subcontractors. In my 10 years of tendering this has always been the case, unless the procurement rules have changed recently. Thank you.
Both natural and legal persons performing the tasks under the contract must be identified and act as distinct legal entities in the context of contract implementation. Both can become subcontractors. The Legal Entity Form, available under the link quoted in section 4.2.1 a) of Tender Specification is available for Individuals, Private companies and Public entities.