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Study on ‘Overview of the fintech sector: challenges for the European players an...
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European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CON...
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Experts Profiles Presentation
We work with a number of experts with practical experience in the financial and technology industry. Are we expected to show the background/profiles of the team members we are potentially planning to deploy on this study? And if yes, is there a place we can propose consultants profiles or can we include this under the technical section?
As described in the tender specifications: Individual external experts, not part of the tenderer's staff, foreseen to execute a part of the work are also to be considered subcontractors. Individual external experts will have to provide only the letter of intent in Annex 6b (ORIGINAL). CVs of the external experts should be included in the offer and background/profiles of team members may be further described under the technical section.