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Development work (pilot studies) for FDI statistics based on the ultimate owners...
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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Participants in FDI Working Group meetings and Task Force meetings.
The Tender Specifications are a bit vague in defining the difference in activities that are to take place at the Task Force meetings vs. the activities that are to take place during the FDI Work Group meetings. Will different stakeholders be in attendance at each meeting and if so, who is expected to attend from Eurostat and EU Member States?
The Task Force is the main body that will deal with developing the methodological framework as well as explore how the new FDI data should be collected. The Task Force is a sub-composition of the FDI Working Group and consists of Member States and international organisations that volunteered to participate in the work. The FDI Working Group consists of EU Member States, EFTA-, EEA- and candidate countries. They will be regularly informed about the development in the pilot studies and the following proposed amendments to the Regulation.