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Event/meeting management and promotion services.
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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Financial Offer
In the Annex 1 - Financial Offer: 1. For the calculation of TM fees (Group 2 - TM sheet), in "Unite price" we have to consider the costs of hours worked by all Junior profiles involved or we have to add rows for each Junior Profile involved to calculate his/her specific costs? 2. If we insert the staff costs in the Group 2 - TM sheet, according to the different profiles, in the Group 1 - FB sheet, which kind of costs must be considered for the participants?
1- Fees in the time sheet are intended as hourly rates per category of staff. Therefore, the unit price shall be inserted only once and will apply to all junior profiles. The same goes for the other macro categories indicated in the table 2- The two cost groups are based on two completely different logics and are to be considered independently: a. Group 1: all costs shall be per unit price and shall be inclusive of the personnel costs required to carry out that specific task. For example, in quoting “Accommodation booking and management” you shall indicate a unit price that includes the personnel costs you will incur to carry out all the tasks listed in the description of this service (see paragraph 1.2) b. Group 2: these are hourly costs of staff, independently from the service that they will deliver in conjunction with a project. The number of hours charged to carry out a task will be subject to negotiation for each assignment.