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UCA 18/015 Acquisition de canapés pour espaces professionnels
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Council of the European Union
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Request of clarifications
Dear Mr./Madame, with reference to the above mentioned Tender we want have some clarifications related to the quality and type of sofas. In particular, we want understand if you ask for a classical sofa or a modern one. Moreover, if you ask for a high or medium quality sofa. These requests because our company has more or less 50 types of sofas and we do not want make mistakes on the offer. Finally, is it possible to have a photo of the requested product. Thank you in advance. Best regards
We do not wish to limit the offers by setting additional requirements, therefore you are free to propose in your tender any sofas that would respect the minimum requirements set in the "Tender specifications". The Tender specifications include a schematic drawing of a sofa that's of interest to us. If you have more than one product that you might offer, you are free to submit an offer for several sofa ranges. Please make sur you have included in your tender the complete technical and financial offer for each and every sofa range you propose.