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European Training Programme in Entrepreneurship for Educators
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COSME countries
Section 1.4.2. 'Geographical scope of the tasks' in the tender specification document states that "The services to be delivered under this contract will cover all the countries participating in the COSME programme. In the research phase (Task 1), the collection of information will be also extended to exemplary practices existing in the U.S" please can you clarify: 1. is it a requirement of the tender for a full pilot to run in each COSME country? 2. If no to question 1 above, please can you clarify which specification activities/tasks must be performed in each COSME country? 3. Please can you provide a full list of these COSME countries?
1. The tenderer must not run the pilot phase (testing) in all COSME countries (page 8). 2. The contractor is asked to review existing training programmes across Europe (COSME countries) and outside, particularly in the US, in order to create a training programme. The tenderer must select minimum 10 High Education Institutions for testing the training programme. The testing institutions will come from across COSME countries (p. 14 Geographical scope of the tasks). The testing institutions will be identified, within and/or outside the awarded consortium. (page 11 of ToR). In the offer, the tenderer must provide reasoning for selection of countries that corresponds to the methodology proposed (p.28). 3. and (p. 14).