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Annex 4 - Working days per year
In the Annex 4: Terms of Reference, page 16, section B.2., you are mentioning “approximately 245 working days per year”. Usually we are observing a number of working days which is closer to 220 days (taking into account the holidays, weekend, bank holidays…). Could you please confirm the exact number of working days per year we will have to cover?
The count of 245 working days per year is correct and is the result of deducting the weekends and bank holidays from the total of 365 days in a year. These 245 working days represent the average number of days in a year during which the Bank is open for business and during which it requires the services which are the subject of this call for tenders. Therefore this number (245 days) will also be used for the purpose of the evaluation of the financial proposals. However the Service Provider’s on-site staff may from time to time need to take other absences during a year (e.g. annual leave days), therefore it is possible that a staff member would be present on-site less than 245 days (but normally not less than 220 days). In all cases of absence the provisions of the Section A.7.1. Replacement of Staff and Section B.8. Penalties applicable to the Service Provider of the Terms of Reference shall apply (depending on the length of absence). In any case, the Service Provider shall bill the EIB only for the days the staff member was effectively present on the EIB premises.