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High Resolution Vegetation Phenology and Productivity Monitoring – Biophysical P...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Task 6:
In sentence “The data access shall be integrated on and fit into the design of the CLMS portal. “, please clarify what the integration refers to: user authentication, software architecture, visual layout, or others. Some of those might require accessing and modifying Are such modifications within the scope of this project?
No, modifying is not within the scope of this call for tenders. The goal is that the production and delivery of HR VPP products shall be integrated under the umbrella of CLMS. Users should be aware of HR VPP being part of the CLMS portfolio when accessing HR VPP products. User authentication: Users registered at CLMS shall be allowed to access HR VPP products using these user identification credentials. Registration of new users shall happen on and will also be handled there. Software architecture: This is not part of the present call for tenders. HR VPP will require specific configuration of spatial data access which should not be constrained by eventual limitation of the current portal. Visual layout: Yes, the layout shall be compliant with Graphical templates will be made available by the EEA.