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Provision of online testing tools for eHealth services and assistance in organis...
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European Commission, DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE)
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Technical Specifications
1. From the section 2.2, it is assumed that the contracting authority will provide to the tenderer both test cases (Annex VIII) and existing CDA analytical specifications for both ePrescription and Patient summary CDA. Please confirm. 2. In section 2.3 it is mentioned that the tenderer will make minor and major changes (point 9) to the test cases. The contracting authority is responsible for the management of the changes procedures in the test cases and the end result will be delivered to the tenderer to revise/update the testing platform. Please confirm. Concerning major changes what is the acceptable effort calculation for each major change? 4 hours are mentioned for minor changes, is 2 working days acceptable for major changes? 3. In section 2.3 point 7, it is mentioned that the tenderer will maintain an online tool for managing computable versions of the CDA documents. Please confirm that change management governance of the CDA specifications is the responsibility of the contracting authority. Those approved changes will then be inserted into the tools by the tenderer. Please confirm. 4. in section 2.3 point 11, the tenderer is requested to assist in organising interoperability testing events on site in DG Santé. the quality of services for on-site events can be quantified properly based on the number of participants per testing event (participating nations systems and team members). Please provide if possible estimations on the minimum and maximum numbers of systems under test and team members for those events.
1. Yes. 2. Yes. The contacting authority is responsible for the change procedure. For the minor we have indicated under 4 hours. For major it is more than that. We have not indicated what is the maximum time. But if a change requires more work than doing a new test case, then a new test case should be created rather than major change. 3. Yes. The contracting authority is responsible of the change management process. 4. A non-binding estimation is that the maximum number of participating nations is 20 and the minimum is 4. On average we could expect 12 nations. Each nation could have maximum two participants in the testing event.