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Event/meeting management and promotion services.
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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List of previous events
The tender specifications provide the tenderers with a link to a website where they can see the kind of events EFSA organises. While this information is very useful, it is rather incomplete and fragmented. It is true that the tender specifications also provide us with a rather fair picture of the events EFSA organises, with the exception of one key element that has a tremendous influence on the overall cost: the duration. We would be grateful if you could provide us with an exhaustive list of the events organised in the last four years including the name of the event, its duration, the number of participants and its location or at least provide us with statistics about the duration of EFSA events.
The terms of reference provide an overview of annual volumes of events organised by EFSA that fall in the scope of this call for tender, i.e. stakeholder events in all their formats (e.g. conferences, workshops, colloquia) and institutional meetings (e.g. Advisory Forum / Focal Point meetings). Their number may vary every year depending on strategic priorities and budget availability, therefore historical information may not be a reliable source of information to forecast future volumes. Reference is made to the technical specifications, page 4 and 6, where the type, annual frequency and number of participants to EFSA events are given in a dedicated table. The standard duration of EFSA’s events is one day (9:00 to 18:00) with the following exceptions: - Management Board, Advisory Forum, Focal Point meetings and recurring meetings of other established stakeholder groups (duration: 1.5 days) - Scientific Colloquia (duration: 1.5 days) - EFSA’s scientific conferences series (duration: 3 or 4 days) We remind you that the recurring meetings of EFSA’s scientific Panels (i.e. Plenaries) are not included in the scope of this tender.