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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Geel (JRC-GEE)
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Mandatory technical Requirements-triple quadrupole MS-advanced scan functions
The requests for "An appropriate feature that allows to automatically select lock masses for accurate mass experiments" and for "isotopic scan capaibility to automatically perform MS/MS when a user-defined isotopic pattern is detected" need a High Resolution Accurate Mass System, not a Triple Quadrupole System. What system do you want to purchase, a triple quadrupole MS or a HRAM MS (than it isn't a triple quadrupole system)?
We want to purchase a triple quadrupole system. The requirements mentioned in the Q3 have therefore been deleted from the technical specifications. Furthermore in the advanced scan functions, the technical specification "The instrument must be able to acquire a data-depended scan based upon all kinds of scanning preceding survey scans. It must also be able to switch ion polarity of the data-dependent scan." has been modified in "The system must be able to switch ion polarity in 25 ms or less."