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Call for Expressions of Interest to be Part of the List of Vendors to be Invited...
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European Commission, DG Trade (TRADE)
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Participation in procurement procedures
Good morning, is it possible to create a Consortium with a UK-based company? Where is it possible to check the agreements the EU has in the field of public procurement with other countries? Thank you very much!
In respect to public procurement the standard rules on access to the market for third country operators apply to UK operators. Economic operators (all natural and legal persons) established in third countries have the right to participate in procurement procedures if an international agreement in the field of public procurement grants them the right to do so. The rules on access to procurement apply to all members of a consortium but do not apply to subcontractors. Subcontracting may not be used with the intent to circumvent the rules on access to procurement. For your convenience, the relevant texts of the EU trade relationships by country/region, as well as updates, can be found on: . The list of vendors TRADE/CEI/2020 LoV follows the same principles as mentioned above. The actual conditions for access to procurement are defined in each specific assignment.