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15.CAT.OP.042 - ‘Cyber defence training and exercise, coordination and support p...
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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technical - functional specifications
We would highly appreciate your support with the following clarification questions: o With ref to the requirement ”... workflow engine...”, please confirm that the requirement refers to an engine where the administrator defines the various steps and their succession in the workflow, and then the various users involved will execute these individual steps according to the rules defined by the administrator. o Ref the requirement: ”two factor authentication”: please confirm what technology and/or supplementary authentication method do you intend to use. Thank you in advance, Stefan
The expectations to the workflow engine are partially covered by above question. For “pre-designed” and customized workflows (as outlined on page 12 of the tender specifications) the in the question mentioned principle applies. However, authorized back office users should be able to develop easily so called “ad hoc workflows” if the predesigned workflows do not fulfil a specific requirement (which after evaluation could be added to the inventory of pre-designed workflows).The minimum requirements for the two Factor Authentication are: 1) Traditional username/password 2) Sending of additional credentials by SMS or e-mail.