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UCA 18/015 Acquisition de canapés pour espaces professionnels
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Council of the European Union
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Dear Sirs, With reference to the product requirements on page 4 of the tender specifications we would like to know: - Are the dimensions indicated strictly binding? If we have a sofa with feet 3 cm higher of that required, could it be accepted? - Must the leather be mandatory full grain? Can we propose a frosted leather? - For the leather stain-resistant and UV resistant and for the polyester with abrasion resistance, stain-resistant and waterproof, is a specific certification required? - Is it mandatory to send a sample of the sofa? Thank you very much
The requirements set in the tendering documents are to be considered as binding. Any acceptable range of value (for example referring to the dimensions) is already indicated in tendering documents. There is no requirement to provide any specific certification for the leather nor polyester fabric. Please however feel free to include in your offer an appropriate documentation to demonstrate that the minimum requirements are indeed met. A sample of 2 seats leather sofa is considered as part of technical offer and therefore should be delivered before the deadline for submission, that is 16 May 2018 by noon as indicated on page 6 of "Invitation to tender".