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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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II.6. Liability
Following is written in clause II.6.3: The contractor is liable for any loss or damage caused to the contracting authority during or as a consequence of performance of the contract, including in the event of subcontracting, but only up to an amount not exceeding three times the total amount of the contract. Could you confirm that "the total amount of the contract" refers to the total amount of the respective Work Package WKP1, WKP2, WKP in Phase 1, or of the Specific Contract in Phase 2 as it is current practice in Framework Contracts with the Commission?
With reference to Article II.6.3. we confirm that the "total amount of the contract" does refer to the amount of the respective WKP1, WKP2 in Phase 1 and to the corresponding Specific contract in Phase 2.