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Cooperative Intelligent Transport System EU Root Certification Authority includi...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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Precise definition of "result"
With reference to the Service Contract draft, section II.13.1 "The Union acquires irrevocably worldwide ownership of the results and of all intellectual property rights on the newly created materials produced specifically for the Union under the contract and incorporated in the results, without prejudice however to the rules applying to pre-existing rights on pre-existing materials, as per Article II.13.2." And the definition of Result: "‘Result’: any intended outcome of the performance of the contract, whatever its form or nature. A result may be further defined in this contract as a deliverable. A result may, in addition to newly created materials produced specifically for the contracting authority by the contractor or at its request, also include pre-existing materials;" Does the source code developed specifically for the system that provides the services qualify as a "result"? What will be exactly the "results" of this tender, by tat definition?
Please see the answer under question nr. 94.