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Potentials and Levels for the Electrification of Space Heating in Buildings
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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Task 1: Analyse various levels of direct electrification of heating and establish the quantified need for additional generation and grid capacities, electric heating appliance capacities, building refurbishment levels and their costs
in the analysis for operating the geothermal heat pump and ambient heat HP systems, Is it requested to calculate the electricity consumption of the system (MWh electric), depending on a reference: system capacity (kWth), with a given supplying heating temperature (T=°C) during a number of hours per year, and with a given cooling temperature ( T = °C) during a number of hours operating in cooling mode per year, in a given climatic area, and finally using a measured seasonal coefficient of performance (SPFheating and SPFcooling) ?
The tenderer must draw on their own knowledge and resources, and demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the subject area and the relevant factors necessary to analyse those in accordance with the required outputs of the study.