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Applicability of ‘in silico’ tools for the prediction of dermal absorption for p...
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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Selection criteria 2A and 2B
Do the selection criteria in 2A and 2B apply to the whole consortium or to each individual partner, especially the leading partner, in the consortium? We may assign a one man company as the leading partner, who by himself does not comply with all requirements (financial and technical). If it applies to the whole consortium, how should the declaration on honour for selection criteria be filed (for the whole consortium or for the leading partner)? Thank you for your reply. We wish you happy holidays.
In case of a joint offer from a group of economic operators, selection criteria 2.4 A and 2.4 B have to be met by the joint tender as a whole. Annex 5: Declaration on Honour on selection criteria should be completed by the leading partner only as indicated at page 11 of the tender specifications.