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IT Infrastructure services
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Infrastructure for Provision of Services
With reference to section “ Off-site infrastructure requirements” of the “EN-Tender Specifications_9196_IT_Infrastructure services” it is stated that “ECDC will provide each consultant with a laptop with the standard ECDC configuration and software. This will include the VPN client software that will allow secure remote access to ECDC. In addition to the laptop ECDC can provide a docking station, so that in the contractor’s office the laptop can be used with external screen(s) and peripherals.” Based on that, could you please confirm that ECDC will provide us with all necessary hardware and software needed in order to perform the whole scope of the services required (e.g. access to service management tool, monitoring tools, etc.) and the contractor will not have to provide or use any additional hardware or software infrastructure?
ECDC will provide the consultants with laptops and software that will allow them to work on the ECDC contract. Nevertheless the contractor has to provide the infrastructure as mentioned under