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Monitoring Digital Transformation and Key Enabling Technologies
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European Innovation Council and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Executive Age...
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Work Package 2 - Updating of databases Task 2.8: Management and further development of KETs Observatory, mapping of KETs Technology Centres and DTM web tools
Page 20 of ToR states: “The Contractor is expected to regularly report user improvement suggestions.” Which is the timing expected for the reporting on these suggestions?
The timing shall depend on the type of suggestions. In case a user notifies the website of a serious error, inconsistency in the indicators, etc., EASME shall be notified as soon as possible. If the suggestion is more about user improvement, nice-to-have features, etc., the contractor shall notify EASME within the scope of the monthly progress reports. In both cases, the contractor shall acknowledge the receipt of the suggestion from the user and ensure them that their suggestion will be taken into consideration / the issue they highlighted will be dealt with.