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Provision of SATCOM services for RPAS
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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EN-02 Tender Specifications. Chapter Page 14
In Lot 3, Tender Specifications requires the Contractor to install and configure all the hardware and software needed for the provision of the satellite internet service, including ships. Moreover, the VSAT terminal is part of the service. Installation in a ship can be subjected to different limitations (e.g. space for indoor equipment, footprint for antenna, visibility and obstacles for antenna, electrical and data conduits, power supply, etc.), which can impact on the feasibility of the installation, its cost and the performance. Also, there are safety concerns (installation works, radiation, survivability, etc.) to be considered in the solution. In order to draft a basic solution for this scenario in our response, we would kindly require: • A description of the typical vessel/s where the service might be required. • A description of the areas in the vessels intended for the VSAT antenna and existing pre-installations, if any. • Limitations imposed to the installation under this contract (e.g. authorizations of the vessel owner, maximum antenna size or weight, maximum power consumption, etc.)
If the VSAT antenna needs to be place on a vessel, EMSA could use their own vessels or contract vessels for this purpose. EMSA will also verify that the authorization to install all the necessary communication equipment on-board is in place. The Bidders should assess which is the antenna size and the power required to comply with the requirements stated in point 2.5 of Appendix 1 Technical Specifications, based on the VSAT equipment proposed by the Bidders EMSA will choose a suitable vessel to install the VSAT equipment The area to install the VSAT antennas will typically be the deck of the vessels.