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Renewable Cooling under the Revised Renewable Energy Directive
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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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English (en)
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Criterion A2
Concerning Criterion A2 below, what is the minimum number of EU official languages that needs to be covered? And does each of the the 3 project references need to cover this minimum number of languages? Criterion A2: The tenderer must prove capacity to work in EU official languages. Evidence A2: the tenderer must provide references for 3 projects delivered in the last three years showing the necessary language coverage.
The minimum language coverage is 4 EU official languages, one of which must be English. However, as the geographical coverage of the study is the entire EU and all EU Member States, those tenderers who can prove ability to cover as many EU Member States as possible, will have an advantage as regards this criterion. To this effect, the tenderers are expected to provide evidence by referencing projects delivered in the last three years proving that the tenderer successfully completed studies or projects that required ability to work in many different languages used in EU Member States. In particular, ability to work in the languages of those countries, where cooling is significant part of national energy consumption and energy policy considerations (e.g. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Croatia, etc.) would be an asset.