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Framework Contract – Technical and Logistical Support to the Activities of the D...
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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Contract Award Criteria
You request in Award Criterion 1, our approach towards timely reporting but there is no official mention as to what contractual reporting you require neither in the Specifications nor in the Draft Contract. Please can you clarify what contractual reporting do you require and where is it described?
Please refer to section 1.3 “Implementation of the Framework Contract”, to the last paragraph: “After each activity, the contractor must provide a technical report (number of participants, services delivered (eg.: travel and accommodation), supporting documents in case of real cost,…) and lessons learnt to improve services in future orders. The technical report should be sent at the same time as the final invoice and maximum one month after the date of the event. The submission and acceptance of the report by the contracting authority is compulsory in order to proceed with the final payment.”