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Framework Contract – Technical and Logistical Support to the Activities of the D...
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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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technical Equipment - venue case study 3
in case study 3 it is stated: "Venue without equipment included (meeting room and cocktail networking room) in a hotel in the center of Brussels." rental of a venue does always include some standard technical element. How do we proceed? Shall we make a list of what is included in the rental of the selected venue and another list of what has to be added? IT Equipment listed in the services to be provided might not be sufficient. Do we have to follow stricly this and no more item to be added in order to make the evaluation of all Financial offers easier : IT equipment for the meeting room on day 2: o 3 laptops; o 8 wireless microphones; o 1 lectern; o 1 projector; o 1 screen; or are we free to propose more IT Equipment for the good smooth of this event? Please advise. thank you
For the case study 3, the bidder shall consider that the room is rented at the Crown Plaza without equipment at a flat rate of 15 000 EUR + the bidder’s margin. In addition, the bidder will include the price for the IT equipment requested in the case study, using the price of price list.