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ISDLS2 — External Service Provision for Development, Maintenance and Consultancy...
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European External Action Service (EEAS)
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Part II technical specifications, point 2.4 Place of Delivery
In Part II technical specifications, point 2.4 Place of Delivery there it is mentioned that for Proximity and Near Shore Services the contractor shall organize itself to provide Software products (Annex11) and Hardware, except for material, licenses or products not available on the market (but that can be provided by the EEAS during the time of a specific contract execution). a) If well understood, these costs have to be included in the proposed rates? b) Does that mean that all material, licenses defined in annex 11 and available on the market, will have to be foreseen? c) If so, what is the volume of licenses / use frequency to be foreseen? d) If so, and as for Proximity the uplift is by tender fixed on 60€, what if this uplift (which should also include the provision for SW and HW at our comprehension) is not sufficient as a provision? e) How to cope with the cost of possible new licenses, hardware that would be needed in the lifetime of the framework contract?
(a) and (b): As stated in the Tender Specifications (6.3. Financial Tender), "the prices are all inclusive. This means that, unless otherwise mentioned in these tender specifications, prices tendered for shall include all the costs to be incurred by the tenderers in order to fully implement the contract ". This logically includes the costs incurred for the technical infrastructure (hardware and software) which supports all the software products mentioned in Annex 11 and used for Proximity and Near shore services. Please also note that “During the validity of the tender and the implementation of the contract, prices cannot be revised […] they can however be indexed”. (c): The prices must cover licenses corresponding to the level of activity presented in the Price scenario for the provision of Proximity and Near shore services (Annex 7 of the Technical Specifications). (d): The prices must be sufficient enough to cover all costs incurred for the provision of Proximity services corresponding to the level of activity presented in the scenario. (e): Under certain circumstances, the EEAS might consider the introduction of new software products not mentioned in Annex 11. In this case, its possible use for the provision of Proximity or Near shore services will be done with the prior consent of the contractor, at no additional costs of whatever nature for EEAS.